Wrap-over top


Immediate post-op - arm and forearm lift or liposuction

Patented model and technology. Class 1 Medical Device


Size Guide


Bras (cm) 26/27 28/29 30/31 32/34 35/37 38/40 41/43
Avant-bras (cm) 21/22 23/24 25/26 27/28 29/31 32/34 35/37


Comfort meets performance. The Embody wrap over top acts effectively to limit oedema or swelling. It favours the adhesion of tissues between them: the formation of haematomas is restrained. The fabric developed by our technical team blends into your silhouette like a second skin, but its discretion and fineness do not hinder its effective support. A beautiful, soft Calais lace insert covers the bust, and its remarkable elasticity gives you the flexibility to combine the wrap with the bra of your choice.

  • Adjustable "easy clip" fastening under the chest
  • Thermal bonded finishing
  • Light and breathable warp & weft fabric
  • Smooth appearance (fine grain) avoids marking the skin and promotes healing
  • Comfortable underarm insert
  • Lace insert on the chest

Patented model and technology. Class 1 Medical Device


30% Elasthanne - 70% Polyamide

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Embody lingerie's comfort and efficiency reflect its high standards


The support provided by Embody's wrap is gentle but effective. The skin is weakened after the operation and becomes more sensitive, so it is important to care for it while cocooning it. This is why Embody has chosen the finest fabrics for its products. Made in France, the fabric blends in with the body like a second skin. Its role is to help the absorption of tissues, wrap the skin and avoid the separation of the upper layers of the epidermis.


This manufacturing technique is different from the simple weaving of classic knitted fabrics. It makes it possible to obtain a fabric whose stretch is multiaxial and no longer linear. Thus, when the fabric is stressed on one axis, no force is transferred to the other axes. In terms of postoperative support and comfort, this means that the fabric is able to provide balanced and uniform support on the skin. Despite the various volume expansions after plastic surgery, such as oedema or swelling. A warp and weft fabric has the surprising characteristic of not relaxing; when the operated body takes its final shape, the fabric goes with it.


Embody's post-op lingerie technology is based on the thinness of its fabric. Despite the fact that it is very thin (160 g/m2), the products are very effective in containing the body. By wearing a postoperative garment with a thin fabric, it is possible to dress "normally" quickly after the operation and is much more comfortable in warm weather.


Embody's post-operative wrap over top are resistant to chlorine or chlorine derivatives. The products are assembled using the bonding technique; the glue used is very strong and very flexible at the same time: comfort is not the enemy of performance!


The Embody fabric dries very quickly, a real advantage! In terms of hygiene, however, the purchase of two products is recommended in order to alternate wearing and washing and, above all, to be able to maintain continuous support.

UV protection

After surgery, exposure to the sun is strongly discouraged. The sun is the worst enemy of proper and discreet healing. Embody's post-operative lingerie protects against the sun's rays (UPF 50+) to ensure complete post-surgery care!